Principles Of Leadership

Apr 28, 2024    Rev. Errol Vieira

Rev. Errol Vieira's sermon on "Leadership Principles Taught By Jesus" draws from John 13:12-17, focusing on the profound example of servant leadership demonstrated by Jesus. The key message emphasizes humility and service in leadership, as illustrated by Jesus washing the feet of His disciples. Jesus, addressing His disciples as both "Teacher" and "Lord," highlights the significance of these roles and proceeds to perform a task typically reserved for servants. This act serves as a powerful lesson in leadership—true leaders should serve those they lead, embodying humility and selflessness.

Rev. Vieira elaborates on the symbolic nature of foot washing, which represents the cleansing of daily sin and the willingness of leaders to engage in the most humble acts of service for the benefit of others. By following Jesus' example, leaders are encouraged to prioritize the needs of their followers and act selflessly. The sermon concludes with the assurance that those who embrace and practice these principles of servant leadership are blessed, underscoring the spiritual and moral rewards of such behavior.